You’ve reached the Home of The Fine Motor Detective! This website is full of printable worksheets for fine motor skills, cutting skills, and writing skills! We’ve also added some Gross Motor Activities as well!

Who benefits from these activities?

Preschoolers to first graders will enjoy these creative and fun activities! In other words, they are perfect for developmental ages 3-6 years old!

All the activities on this website are created by a school based occupational therapist!  Not sure what a school base occupational therapist is?

Follow this link to get more information!

What skills are targeted in the activities? 

  • Hand strengthening
  • fine motor coordination
  • bilateral hand skills
  • pre-writing skills
  • pre-cutting skills
  • crossing midline
  • pencil control
  • in-hand manipulation skills
  • handwriting practice
  • sensory writing activities
  • eye-hand coordination
  • tracing activities
  • and more!

Why are the above skills important for child development?

In school, a child will need to use fine motor skills to complete classroom work (writing and cutting), complete art projects (draw, cut, and glue), manipulate small objects during classroom activities, manipulate classroom tools (pencil and scissors), open a milk carton, use utensils during snacks or meals, and engage a zipper for recess or going home. These are just a few, but VERY important examples!


No Problem! Activities on this site provide fun and creative worksheets requiring minimal preparation! 

On a budget?

No Problem! Check out the growing library of FREE printables available exclusively to you when you sign up for our Newsletter! Not only will you have access to a ton of FREEBIES, but you’ll get updates on products, and a DISCOUNT! 

Kids will have fun using a variety of manipulatives including stickers, buttons, wax string, rubber bands, and a hole punch. They won’t won’t realize they’re practicing to improve fine motor skills!


Writing activities target pre-writing strokes, shapes, letters, numbers, sight words, and simple sentences. 


Cutting activities target scissor skills including cutting across a small piece of paper, cutting on lines, cutting shapes, completing cut and paste worksheets, and cutting complex shapes. 




The downloadable writing and cutting pack contain a GUIDE explaining the progression of writing and cutting skills.  You’ll know exactly what your child should be working on and the next step! 


Thanks so much for stopping by the Home of the Fine Motor Detective! Look around and together we can solve your fine motor needs! 


All Content, photos, clip art, videos, and printables created by Shelly Herrmann of thefinemotordetective.com are for personal, therapy, or classroom use only. Do not sell, alter, or copy without expressed written permission from Shelly Herrmann. Please refer to the terms and policy page.

These activities are to help work on skills. However, there is no guarantee on the progression of your child.  These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic intervention. 

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