Beach Putty Activities

Beach Putty Activities!

Using putty can work on hand strength, coordination, and overall fine motor skills. Putty also has an added tactile component. This FREE printable titled- Beach Putty Activities is a VISUAL to add structure, visual discrimination, and more to your putty piece sets found HERE!

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Finding items hidden in putty and play-dough is a favorite activity for the kiddos I get to work! Plus, we target skills while they’re having fun and who doesn’t have fun when thinking about the beach and summer!!

In this post, we will first look at the FREE Printable to help enhance putty exercises. Secondly, we will see 4 reasons WHY visuals for the Beach Putty Piece Set are beneficial. Finally, WHO benefits from this?

*This is a FREE 3 page digital download PDF. No physical items will be shipped.*

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The picture below is the FREE Putty Visual that go along with Beach Putty Piece Set. On the printable are 11 pictures that are a visual companion for the items in the Beach Putty Piece Set. Please follow this link for product information and instructions on the pieces and other Discovery Putty items!

To use this free printable: print on card stock, cut, and laminate each picture. It’s that easy!


1. Structure:

Over the years, I have noticed unstructured tasks can be difficult for some children. Many kiddos I work with need activities with a clear beginning and an end. Finding items hidden in putty or play dough is fun, but it can be hard to terminate the task if children really enjoys it. The visuals in this free printable help structure the task. Children know exactly how many items they have to find by the pictures that are laid out on the table. You can grade the activity by having the child find a couple or all 11 items!


As children find items in the putty, they will have to match them to the visuals. This matching activity involves scanning and visual discrimination! You could also spread the laminated visuals around on the table to work on crossing midline as well!


Although I have a ton of kids who absolutely love working with putty, there are a few who are hesitant to touch the putty at first! I have found that using these visuals for a matching tasks while grading how deep the items are hidden has helped! In my experience, when it’s presented as purely a matching activity with a few items sticking up out of the putty, it’s less threatening (see picture below). The child doesn’t have to touch the putty! Then, the next time I use the same visuals and items, but this time I lay the items lightly ON the putty. Each session, I press the items a little bit further in the putty. This gradual hiding of objects has worked well each time I have done it! Please keep in mind that each child is different and their progress will vary.

4. Visual Closure

If you look at the picture above, 1/2 of the items are hidden. Visual closure is being able to figure out what something is when given an incomplete or partial piece. Here is an example on how you can work on Visual Closure in the scenario above: Point to a picture (crab) and ask the child, “Find the crab”. See if they can point to the corresponding item hidden in the putty before they pull it out. You can grade the difficulty of the task by how much of the item is hidden. Did you know Visual Closure is important for reading?!? To find out more information on Visual Closure and other Activities, Follow this LINK!


Certainly, occupational therapists, teachers, special education staff, speech therapists, and parents would benefit from this free printable! Did I mention these cards also fit nicely in all the Discovery Putty containers making it convenient to take them with you?!

*This is a FREE 3 page digital download PDF. No physical items will be shipped.*

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*Your child’s safety is important and adult supervision is recommended with all activities. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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