Grab your work boots, gloves, hat, and tractor! It’s time to head to the country for some Farm Activities! Not only will these Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cutting, and Writing Activities work for a Farm Theme, BUT they are perfect to use for Harvest Activities, and for a Community Helper Theme, too!

First, we will look at the FREE MINI Pack! Then we will look at other Farm Activities Available. Finally, we will look at how these activities can be combined with a Gross Motor Activity and why!

This is a FREE 4 Page Downloadable PDF.  Click HERE to access the FREEBIE LIBRARY!

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What’s Included:
  1.  Instruction Sheet on how to complete each activity!
  2. Hole Punch Printable: 2 Hole Punching Cards are provided.  Hole punching requires coordination and strength!  For little hands, I like to use these mini punchers! They are perfect for working on a 3 point chuck and lateral pinch.
  3. Cut, Paste, and Fine Motor Printable! 3 shapes are provided for the child to cut and paste on the Farm Scene! On the sheet, you will find 10 circles.  You can have the child place pennies, poms using tongs, or stickers on the circles.  The stickers I like to use are here and here.  The reinforcement stickers add an extra challenge.  Have the child draw on the reinforcement sticker trying to stay on the path.  Using crayons or markers to color in the circles is another idea!  My kiddos LOVE to use these scented markers because they add olfactory input! If you need smaller markers for smaller hands, these pip squeak markers work well!
  4. Sight Word Practice: 8 sight words are provided to practice handwriting while staying inside boxed boundaries!

Next, What other Farm Activities are available?

FREE Gross Motor, Click HERE!

Fine Motor 10 Page Pack, Click HERE!

Cutting Activities 20 Page Pack, Click HERE!

Writing Activities 32 Page Pack, Click HERE!


Gross motor skills help develop strength, coordination, and core stability in our larger muscle groups.  Our larger muscles help provide the support and stability needed for us to use our smaller muscles.  In other words, gross motor skills support fine motor skills!  In addition, gross motor movements also work on skills like crossing midline, which is important for developing a dominant hand and writing.  The 10 motor movements children are asked to imitate in the poem also help warm-up muscles, increase body awareness, and prepare their bodies for work.

If you are looking targeting all 4 areas, I would go in this order:

  1. Gross Motor Movement Poem
  2. Fine Motor Activities
  3. Cutting Activities
  4. Writing Activities
This sequence allows the child to keep working on activities that build on each other AND they lead up to the skills needed for handwriting!

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All Activities should be completed with Adult supervision for safety.  The activities or recommendations on this site should not take the place of therapy or medical intervention. 

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