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Free Back to School Activities

It’s that time of year where the summer is winding down, school supplies are in the stores, and everyone is preparing for school to start! These FREE Back to School Activities are a perfect way to work on visual discrimination skills and more with a cute Back to School Theme!

In this post, we’ll look at each page and the skills addressed in this FREE Printable Pack.

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First, let’s look at the first page of these FREE Back to School Activities!

This back to school worksheet helps children work on matching, crossing midline, memory, fine motor skills by clipping matches together with clothespins, and vestibular input by using a scooter, hopping, skipping, jumping, or crab walking to take a picture across the room to it’s match! So many options!

Why are matching and memory skills important for child development? They address similarities/differences, working memory, concentration, attention to detail, and more!

Next, is page 2 and 3 of the Free Back to School Activities Pack!

Back to School Worksheet

Let’s work on visual memory and sequential memory with this free printable! Print, cut, and laminate these 6 cards. Show your child one of these cards for 10 sec then flip it over. Can your child find the pictures (using the 16 pictures on page 1) and place them in the right order? This activity also works on attention and focus! What strategies are they using to help them remember the picture sequence? If you want to work on listening skills, instead of showing the child one of these visuals, verbalize the pictures you want them to find!

Here’s a quick video to help see some of the activities!

Page 4 and 5 of the Back to School Worksheets are next!

Back to School Free Printable
Back to School Writing Game

It’s time to add listening, following directions, and working on prepositions as well as writing practice! By using page 1 as the game sheet, print off either page 4 or 5 depending on your child’s writing needs. Page 4 has boxes and page 5 has adapted 3 lines to assist with line orientation and letter size. Directions are on these pages. For instance, “Start on the glue and move left one.” When the child finds the picture on page 1 by either pointing or using a penny or game piece, they find the word on the writing sheet and write it! You can also add your own spin to this activity by only using page 1! Laminate page 1 and give instructions like: “Put an X on the book then put a circle around the scissors.” (using a wipe-off marker). Grade the activity by how many steps you ask them to follow at a time. You could also have a penny, small sticky note, paper clip, etc. in front of the child and give them directions like: “Put the penny on the bus, the paper clip on the school, and the sticky note on the ruler”. 

Finally, let’s see what page 6 is all about!

Free Back To School Activities

This free printable is similar to page one, EXCEPT these pictures are more similar requiring increased concentration and focus to the details! Time to take visual discrimination skills up a notch!

For more information on visual discrimination skills and there importance in reading, follow this LINK to learn a bit more!

*This is a FREE 6 page digital download PDF. No Physical items are shipped.*

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*Your child’s safety is important and adult supervision is recommended with all activities. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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