Free Number Writing Printable

Learning how to write numbers can be tricky! It requires visual perceptual skills, fine motor coordination, and visual motor skills. This Free Number Writing Printable helps your child work on the formation of numbers 1-10 with a variety of options!

Your child with have the opportunity to trace numbers, copy numbers, AND work on fine motor skills needed for writing!

In this post, you will see the FREE printable, ways to use it, and valuable tips for writing numbers!

This is a FREE 3 Page Downloadable PDF.  Click HERE to access the FREEBIE LIBRARY!

First, Let’s Look at the Free Number Writing Printable:

  • Printable with individual practice of numbers 1-10 followed by sequential practice of numbers 1-10
  • Each number strip has the opportunity for your child to trace the number, copy the number with starting dots to help with correct formation, and a place to independently copy the number
  • At the bottom of the FREE printable is a place for your child to practice writing numbers 1-10 in sequential order with starting dots and a place underneath to independently copy
  • Boxed boundaries are provided to assist with number size to help work on pencil control
  • See Picture Below
Number Writing Practice

Ways to Use this FREE Number Writing Printable:

  • Print off the Number Printable on paper and have your child work on numbers 1-10 individually and then in sequential order.
  • Use Card stock to print off the printable, laminate it, and then reuse it with wipe-off markers or crayons
  • Print off on card stock, cut out each individual number strip and then the bottom two (keeping them together), and laminate each. Use wipe-off markers or crayons for number practice. Work on one or all numbers provided depending on your child’s need.
  • For added Fine Motor Practice, you can add clothespins to the activity! Write numbers on clothespins. Have your child practice writing the number then place the corresponding clothespin on the strip. Clothespins help with finger strength and grasp patterns!
  • Another Fine Motor Activity is to use dice. Spread out the number strips, have the child roll dice (one for numbers 1-6 or two for numbers 1-10), find the corresponding number strip, practice writing the number, and clip the clothespin on it. If they roll a repeated number or an 11 or 12, they try again. Cupping their hand to roll dice helps build strength in the muscles that make up the arches in the palm!
  • See pictures below…..LOTS OF OPTIONS!
Free Number Writing Printable
Number Worksheet
Writing Numbers
Fine Motor Activity
Writing Numbers 1-10
Free Number Writing Printable

Next, Here are some Tips to help with Number formation:

Posture is also important as children learn to write. Here are some things to think about:

  • Is the chair and table at the right height? Feet flat on the floor?
  • Assess your child’s grip to see if they would benefit from a pencil grip or different writing utensil. 
  • Look at the position of the paper. Slant the paper the correct way according to if the child is right or left handed?

Saying the number and how to form it also helps with proper formation! Number formation rhymes help children remember how to form numbers correctly!

Click HERE for an example of number formation rhymes!

Finally, Here’s Access to your FREE Number Writing Printable!

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*Supervision is recommended with all activities for your child’s safety. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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