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In this post, we will first look at the gingerbread man fine motor activity, then the cutting activity, and finally the writing activity!

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Gingerbread Activities

Let’s Look at the 3 Gingerbread Activities in detail!


Our first printable in the Gingerbread Activities Pack is a hole punch activity! 2 Hole Punching Cards are provided.  Hole punching helps develop and work on several skills. For example:

  1. Bilateral Hand Skills: Two handed activities help both sides of our bodies to work together while completing different tasks. For instance, one hand will hold the paper, while the other hand uses the hole punch.
  2. Eye-Hand Coordination: The child will have to visually line up the hole punch to the holes on the paper prior to punching.
  3. Hand Strength: Squeezing the hole punch works on grip strength, finger strength, coordination, AND most importantly, separation of 2 sides of the hands. One side of the hand is activating the hole punch (thumb, index, and middle finger) while the other side is stabilizing (ring and little finger). This is an important skill for kids to manipulate tools like scissors and pencils. In other words, this gingerbread hole punching activity can help with cutting and writing skills! For little hands, I like to use these mini punchers! They are perfect for working on a 3 point chuck and lateral pinch.
Gingerbread Activities


Our second printable in the FREE Gingerbread Activities Pack is a Cut and Paste Activity! In addition to cutting, a bonus fine motor activity is included as well!

3 shapes are provided for the child to cut and paste! They include a circle, square, and triangle. The child cuts the shapes, visually finds where they go on the Gingerbread Man Picture, and pastes them in place. On the sheet, you will also find 10 circles.  You can have the child place pennies, poms using tongs, or stickers on the circles.  The stickers I like to use are here and here.  The reinforcement stickers add an extra challenge.  Have the child draw on the reinforcement sticker trying to stay on the path.  Using crayons or markers to color in the circles is another idea!  My kiddos LOVE to use these scented markers because they add olfactory input! If you need smaller markers for smaller hands, these pip squeak markers work well!

FREE Gingerbread Cutting Activities


Now that our muscles are all warmed up from the fine motor activity and the cutting activity, it is time for the last of our gingerbread activities!

Spacing between words, letter size, and placing the letters on the lines are all skills kids work on as their handwriting progresses. This handwriting printable provides visual guidance to enhance and improve these handwriting skills! Kids practice keeping their tall letters tall and their short letters short while using the 3 lines on the paper. A 4 word sentence to copy is provided. Then, the child can further their fine motor development (grasp and finger movement) by using a brown crayon to color the gingerbread man!

Gingerbread Man Writing Activity

TO SUM IT UP, THESE GINGERBREAD ACTIVITIES are a fun and colorful way to address fine motor, cutting, and writing skills!

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*Your child’s safety is important and adult supervision is recommended with all activities. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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