Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Activities

Run, Squat, and jump as fast as you can, bet you’ll have fun pretending to be this Gingerbread Man! It’s time for some Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Activities!

This Gross Motor Movement Poem is perfect for Preschoolers to First graders!

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In this post, we will look at what skills are targeted with this activity.  Then, you can see a video that demonstrates the Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Movement Poem.  Finally, we will look at WHY gross motor development is important for fine motor skills!

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Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Activities


The pack includes a movement poem titled Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man!  The poem asks kids to pretend they are the Gingerbread Man as they imitate 8 movement patterns.  For example:

  • Running In Place
  • Balancing on One Foot
  • Standing Squats
  • Touching Elbows to Opposite Knees (Cross Crawl)
  • Bridge
  • Toe Touch (Take a Bow)
  • Jumping
  • Large Alternating Arm Circles
  • In addition to working on gross motor skills, kids will also work on following multi-step directions, prepositions, and body parts!

NEXT, Let’s take a look at the Gingerbread Man Gross Motor video!

You can use the video as a guide to see how to complete the Gross Motor Movement Poem.  However, your child can also follow along WITH the video! 

Prior to completing the Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Activities, you will need to:

  2. Read the instructional page
  3. Review the Poem provided in the pack
  4. Print pages 1-3 on card stock and laminate.  If you are doing this activity with a group of kiddos, make sure they EACH have the Character Visual (page 3).
  5. Watch the video to get an idea of how to complete the activity.
  6. Most importantly, HAVE FUN with the Gingerbread Gross Motor Activities!
  7. The characters on the visual are out of order. Children can point to the characters in the order they were introduced in the poem! This is an added sequencing activity! The Characters are similar to The Gingerbread Man retold by Jim Aylesworth. Here’s a version of the book.

Finally, Let’s See WHY FINE and GROSS MOTOR SKILLS work together!

Working on gross motor skills help improve balance, coordination, strength, and core stability!  A good base of support in your trunk muscles (proximal control) is important for your arms and hands (distal control), which is needed for writing, cutting, buttoning, and manipulating small objects.

In other words, gross motor activities help support fine motor skills!
PLUS, the movement patterns in the Gingerbread Man Gross Motor Movement Poem provide a movement break and prepare the body for work!

So many great skills and a ton of fun!

Here is some more information on how gross motor skills help support fine motor skills!

I get to work with some amazing pediatric physical therapists and am so very thankful their hard work helps support what I do! #teamwork

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As always, make sure children have adult supervision for safety.  These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice or intervention.

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