Halloween Printables

Boo! It’s time for some Halloween Printables!  These Halloween worksheets include fun writing activities for kids, fine motor practice, AND cutting activities!

WHO are these Halloween Printables for?

Preschoolers to first graders will benefit from the Halloween Activities in all 3 of these packs!  Each pack is created by a school based occupational therapist with a developmental approach!


Frist, Let’s Take a PEEK at the Halloween WRITING Worksheets!

Click this link to seek the 32 Page Halloween Writing Downloadable Bundle!

Prewriting strokes, letter writing practice, number writing practice, sight word practice, and sentence writing practice are ALL included!! The creative writing worksheets have a cute Halloween theme that kids will enjoy while working to improve handwriting skills! A developmental guide for the progression of handwriting will also help you know WHAT skill your child should be working on and the next step to take!

Click on the picture below to read all about this Halloween Printable!  In addition, you’ll get to see what FREE Halloween Printables are available to you!

Next, we have the Halloween Cutting Activities!

 3 line lengths are included on these cutting worksheets to help kids learn to advance their scissors. After that, the cutting skills progress to shapes, cut and paste, and finally cutting complex shapes.  To help with visual attention and cutting accuracy, a couple of the printable pages have dots around the shapes! In addition to the cutting practice, you will have a developmental guide for cutting skills. This allows you to know WHAT activity is best for your child and the next step to take!

Click this link to see the 20 Page Cutting Halloween Printables!  

There’s also a FREE cutting printable with an added fine motor activity!

Speaking of FINE MOTOR Activities, our LAST Halloween Printables address Fine Motor Skills!

 Did you know that improving fine motor skills help with strengthening muscles in the hands as well as coordination?  As a result, they can also help improve writing skills and cutting skills!

Some of the activities include lacing, hole punching, using play dough, and more!  In fact, here’s the link to look at the Fine Motor Printables in more detail!  And most importantly, you’ll see the FREE Halloween Fine Motor Printable! 

Whew!! That’s a lot! Plenty of Halloween Printables to keep your kiddos busy while working on a variety of skills!

I can honestly say we’ve had a great time using activities from all 3 Halloween Packs!  The Play dough mat was a favorite and was requested to use as a reward a few times after work was completed (gotta love that!).   The cute and colorful clip art made for some fun conversations as kiddos were working.  We talked about their favorite Halloween candy and what costume they wanted to wear. I think chocolate is a hands down favorite for most of my caseload! Certainly, I have to agree! 🙂 

I hope you have as much SPOOKY fun as we have had and I’m excited to pass these Halloween Printables on to you!!

Looking for some crafty Halloween fun?  Here’s a link with some adorable crafts to make with your child!

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