This FREE DOWNLOADABLE  Monster cutting pack is a fun and creative way for children Preschool to 1st grade (or developmental ages 3-6) to work on cutting skills! The activities are presented with a developmental approach to work on snipping, cutting on lines, cutting shapes, and finally more complex shapes!


This Fun MONSTER Themed Pack is 20 pages and includes:

Instruction Page

  • Explains how to complete each activity

A Simple Guide for the Developmental Progression of Cutting Skills

  • Helps explain how cutting skills progress by age.

Beginning Cutting Skills

  • Start with snipping paper advancing to 3 different line lengths to practice advancing scissors.

Shape Cutting

  • Worksheets with arc lines, circles, squares, triangles, pentagons, and hearts are next.  There’s also an option to cut 4 shapes and paste them on matching shapes on the following pa
Monster Shape Cutting Practice

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Cut and Paste activity
  • Allows the child to be challenged with more complex shapes and paste them on the picture.
  • On the pictures are circles for MORE fine motor practice. The child can place poms with tongs on the circles, pennies, buttons, color them in, use dot markers, or use 3/4″ diameter multi-use label stickers.  Using stickers like these HERE are always a favorite! Want more of a challenge?  Use these stickers and have the child work on pencil control by tracing on the sticker around the circle!
Monster Cutting Activities and Fine Motor Activities
Monster Complex Shape Cutting Activities
  • More complex shapes are provided as well as dot to dot cutting activities. The dots or letters around the shapes provide a visual guide for children to stay on the lines and increase visual attention to the paper while cutting.

Who is the Packet for:

  • Occupational Therapists, Teachers, and Parents will love this fun creative theme filled with cutting activities for a variety of skill levels!

**This is a 20 page digital download PDF file. No Physical items will be shipped**

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