This Cute and Creative Pack is Monster Themed and Full of Fine Motor Activities!  Children with developmental skills from 3-6 years of age or Preschool to first graders will have fun while working on fine motor coordination, hand dominance, hand strength, pencil grasp, and more!


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Monster Fine Motor Activities

This Fun Monster Fine Motor Pack is 10 Pages and includes:

  • Instruction Page on how to complete each activity
  • 2 Lacing Cards. In the picture, one of the cards has numbers on each circle.  These were drawn on after laminated to help sequencing, organization, and to provide a beginning and end point (added structure) to the task for a child with Autism.  It worked beautifully!
  • Hole Punch Activities
  • Fine Motor Activity sheet where you can use a variety of objects including buttons, pennies, poker chips, poms with tongs, or 3⁄4” diameter labels (stickers) like the ones here.  Children can work on crossing midline if objects are spread around the table, in-hand manipulation skills, 3 point pinch on objects to enhance a tripod grasp, and other skills when placing objects on the 15 circles.
Lacing Cards
Poms and Tongs
Thumbtack and Rubber bands
  • Build a monster using Play-doh. The child uses play-doh and the provided cut-outs to make a monster. Here’s a great homeade playdough recipe I use.
  • Matching Printable where thumbtacks and rubber bands can be used, lines can be drawn, OR Wikki Sticks can be stretch across the paper to match the pictures!
  • Clothespin and/or pom and tong activity. Several different options for this activity to get LOTS of use out of!  Skills include hand strength, finger strength, pre-cutting skills, hand dominance, and more! 
  • Watch the video below to see some of the activities come to life!

Who is the Writing Packet for:

  • Occupational Therapists, Teachers, and Parents will love this fun creative theme filled with fine motor activities for a variety of skill levels!

**This is a 10 page digital download PDF **

Looking for more Monster Theme Activities?

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