Pet Theme Writing Activities

Children enjoy talking about their pets or really any animals! This Mini Pet Theme Writing Activities Pack has 3 different levels of difficulty. In addition to these levels, letter formation, letter size, and line placement are also targeted. Cutting skills are included to go along with the activities as well. Perfect for kindergarteners to first grade! 

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In this post we will look at:

  • Fine Motor Warm-Up Activity
  • Handwriting Worksheets
  • Cutting Activities

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Pet Theme Writing Activities


The Fine Motor Warm-up Includes a picture/word matching activity. This activity has several options! For example:

  • Pencil control by tracing on the line paths with a writing utensil
  • Place Wikki Stix on the lines while working on finger strength and coordination
  • Squeeze glue along the lines. Then place yarn/string on the glue working on hand strength and coordination
  • Place cork board under the printable. Have the child poke holes along the lines with thumbtacksworking on finger strength, coordination, and a tripod grasp. You may need to double up the cork board if you are placing them on a table. 
  • Peel and place small stickers along the lines to work on finger strength and coordination


As children learn to form letters, they also begin working on letter size and placing their letters on the lines. Adding visual boundaries can help as they practice handwriting at both the word and the sentence level! For instance, here are the different levels included in this pack:

Level 1 of Handwriting Activities = Boxed Boundaries:

  • Boxed boundaries at the word level: 4 words are provided to trace. Then children can copy the words while practicing letter formation and staying inside the boxed boundaries. Finally, cutting skills are addressed with a cut and paste activity! Children cut the picture and match it to the words.
  • Boxed boundaries at the sentence level: A 5 word sentence is copied in boxed boundaries. On page 7, two dog cutting options are provided. Kiddos can cut and place one on the right hand side of this worksheet. Another option would be to draw and color their own picture!
Pet Theme Writing Activities
Writing Worksheet

2nd Level of the FREE Pet Theme Writing Activities = 3 Lined Paper:

  • 3 Lined Paper at the word level: 3 lined paper is the next level of difficulty as children try to keep their tall letters tall and short letters short. Your child copies these 4 words on the adapted 3 line adapted paper. Most importantly, the visual boundaries assist the child to see where to place the letters. A cut and paste activity is provided on this handwriting worksheet as well!
  • 3 Lined Paper at the sentence level: Similarly as above, except your child copies a 5 word sentence on the adapted 3 lined paper. A dog on page 7 can be cut and pasted on the right hand side of this printable. Instead of cutting, drawing and coloring a picture is another option!
Animal Writing Activities
Pet Writing Printable

3rd Level of the FREE Pet Printables = Sentence Building:

  • The last and most difficult level is building a sentence. Have your child cut out the 5 words staying on the dotted lines. Then, sequence the words to form a sentence by glueing them on the rectangles. Next, write the sentence on the adapted 3-lined paper. Finally, have your child cut and paste a dog from page 7 on the right hand side of the page. Once again, you could also have the child draw and color a picture instead of cutting! 
  • Lots of options and skill levels in this MINI PACK!
Sentence Writing
Pet Cutting Activity

*This is a FREE 7 page digital download PDF. No physical items will be shipped.*

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*Your child’s safety is important and adult supervision is recommended with all activities. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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