Prewriting, Handwriting, & Data

Prewriting, Handwriting, & Data is the perfect handwriting pack for getting a baseline, establishing goals, and assessing improvement! 

This handwriting packet includes worksheets for:

  • prewriting strokes
  • letter writing
  • number writing,
  • sentence writing and if you want…
  • data collection!

Letters and numbers can be written with a model and without a model.  On the sentence sheet, the student can also draw a picture to match the sentence they wrote.  Sentences can be copied, dictated, or composed.  Lots of skills to work on and observe! 

You’ll also have a Developmental Progression of Handwriting Guide at the beginning of the packet to let you know at what age the child should be able to demonstrate prewriting strokes and handwriting skills!

prewriting, handwriting, and data


Knowing where a child is developmentally with their prewriting and handwriting skills is important for their progress!

This packet is a great tool for teachers and occupational therapists!

Skills Addressed:

  • pencil grasp
  • prewriting skills
  • writing skills
  • letter formation
  • alphabet sequence
  • visual memory
  • sequential memory
  • number formation
  • visual motor skills
  • sentence writing
  • letter size
  • line orientation
  • drawing skills
  • name writing, and more!

**This is a 10 page digital download PDF file. No Physical items will be shipped**

Prewriting Skills:

Trace, Imitate, and/or Copy Pre-Writing Strokes including:

  • vertical line
  • horizontal line
  • circle
  • cross
  • diagonal line to the left
  • square
  • diagonal line to the right
  • X
  • Triangle

Letter Writing:

  • copy all upper case and lower case letters with a model
  • write all upper case and lower case letters without model

Number Writing:

  • copy numbers 0-9 with a model
  • write numbers 0-9 without a model.

Sentence practice:

  • write a copied, dictated, or composed sentence.  The first option is with adapted paper with a shaded area to visually assist with letter size and line orientation. The second option does not have the highlighted area.  Both options have an area for name writing. There is also space on each option where the child can draw a picture that relates to the sentence you had them write.  Observe the detail of the picture, grasp, movement of the hand, and more!

Data Sheet:

  • Data on pre-writing strokes, letter writing, number writing, and sentence writing.
  • You also have a place for notes and observations on each of these areas, PLUS
  • Record observations on grasp, handedness, name writing, posture, and more! Perfect to get a baseline, assess progress, and/or establish goals.

**This is a 10 page digital download PDF file. No physical items will be shipped**

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