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Spring has sprung and Easter is around the corner! It’s time for some more FREE Printable Easter Activities!

First, we will see why fine motor skills are important. Next, we will take a peek at some Easter activities where kids can work on their fine motor skills. Lastly, we will take those fine motor skills to the next level by using them in an Easter Bunny cutting activity. In the end, you will have access to 4 pages of FREE Printable Easter Activities with fun activities that require minimal preparation. Let’s get started!


Easter Printables

Why are fine motor skills important?

Fine motor skills are when we use the small muscles in our hands and wrists. Eating, completing fasteners, cutting, writing, and manipulating toys all require fine motor skills! In other words, fine motor skills are important for a child’s development! HERE is a quick breakdown of some fine motor milestones to keep in mind.

Next, let’s see what Easter Activities are included!

Easter Fine Motor Activities

There are 2 fine motor pages in this pack:  Page 1 has 20 circles and is an updated version of the one in the FREE Easter Sample Pack!. The second page has 15 circles on it.  Buttons, pennies, stamps, poms with tongs, or stickers (yellow or multi- pastel), can be used! The smaller the buttons, the bigger the challenge! Spread the manipulatives around on the table and you can also address other skills like scanning and crossing midline! You could also increase the difficulty by making it a penny flipping challenge! Have your child place the pennies heads up in the circles and see how fast they can flip them over to tails. So many options!

Lastly, let’s work on an Easter Bunny cutting activity!

Fine motor activities are a great way to warm-up our hands for other activities! In other words, it’s times for some cutting activities! The final 2 pages in this FREE Printable Easter Activities pack allow children to work on improving cutting skills. Page 3 has an Easter Bunny face. Page 4 has a variety of eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from. A variety of shapes are provided to help meet different cutting skills. You can also cut around the shapes to decrease the paper size making it easier for your child to manage as they cut. Have your child glue the face they cut on the Easter Bunny. So fun to see all the options! Below are a few examples:

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