FREE Halloween Cut and Paste Printable!


This FREE Halloween Cut and Paste Activity adds some spooky fun to improving scissor skills! There’s also an added fine motor activity!

It’s the beginning of October, fall is here, and the weather is cooler!  That means Halloween is right around the corner.  How about a spooky, but cute FREE Halloween Cut and Paste Printable?!?

Cut and Paste Printable

Halloween Cut and paste printable


After you print this free printable, you will need:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • and hold on tight because after that, you will have a ton of options!  The 10 circles on the printable add an extra activity to work on fine motor skills.  Keep scrolling down!

How to complete this FREE Halloween Cut and Paste Printable:

  • First, cut on the dotted lines, so the child has 3 shapes in front of them to cut.
  • Next, have the child cut out the 3 shapes
  • Then, have your child glue the shapes on the picture
  • Finally, your child will have a ton of fun with several options to finish off the activity.  You can simplify it for a younger child, or make it more challenging with the reinforcement stickers for an older child!

Look at some of your options!  Don’t worry, there’s an instruction sheet that comes with the printable, too!

Halloween Cut and Paste with Button Fine motor ActivityHalloween Cut and Paste with Tong Fine Motor Activityhalloween cutting activities with stickersHalloween Scissor Skills with sticker activity

Whether you decide to use buttons, poms with tongs, pennies, stickers, or even color in the circles, your child will enjoy working on scissor skills!

Click Here for your FREE download!

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