Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Fun!

The Christmas tree is up and presents are wrapped! Now it’s time for some Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Fun!

First, let’s discuss why fine motor skills are important. Next, let’s look at some fun Christmas Fine Motor Activities. Lastly, we will apply those fine motor skills into some cute Santa and Rudolph Cutting Activities. In the end, you will have access to 6 pages of FREE printables with activities that require little to no preparation. Let’s get started!


Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Fun

First, why are fine motor skills important?

Fine motor skills are when we use the small muscles in our hands and wrists. Coordination and strength of these small muscles help with grasping items, manipulating tools like scissors and pencils, completing fasteners like buttons and zippers, and eating! In other words, fine motor skills are important for a child’s development! HERE is a quick breakdown of some fine motor milestones to keep in mind.

Next, let’s see what Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Activities are in these printables!

In this pack, you will get both a Santa and a Rudolph manipulative sheet:  Buttons, pennies, stamps, poms with tongs, or stickers, can be used! The smaller the buttons, the bigger the challenge! Spread the manipulatives around on the table and you can also address other skills like scanning and crossing midline! Increase the difficulty by making it a penny flipping challenge! Have your child place the pennies heads up in the circles and see how fast they can flip them over to tails. So many options! Here are a couple examples of some Christmas Fine Motor Activities:

Santa Fine Motor Activity
Christmas Fine Motor Printable
Poms and tongs!
Christmas Fine Motor Activity
Santa Fine Motor Printable

Lastly, let’s work on cutting with our Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Fun Pack!

Now that we have warmed up our hands by completing the Santa and Rudolph Fine Motor Fun Activities, let’s put them to practice! The final 4 pages in this FREE printable pack allow children to work on their cutting skills. A blank Santa face and a blank Rudolph face are provided with corresponding pages that have eyes, nose, and mouths to cut out. Not only do children get to build a face, but the eyes, nose, and mouths include a variety of shapes meeting a variety of different cutting skill levels! Look below to see some of the fun your kiddos can have while making their own Rudolph and Santa!

Santa Cutting Activities
Rudolph Cutting Activities

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