Snowman Activities

It’s winter time and most importantly, time to think about having fun with snowflakes and snowmen! Especially when these Snowman Activities can help improve fine motor skills, cutting skills, AND writing skills!

In this post, we will first look at the 3 Packs filled with Snowman Activities and then we will see how you can save money when you bundle all 3 together!

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First, Let’s Look at the Snowman Fine Motor PRINTABLES! 

Snowman Fine Motor Activities

Inside The Fine Motor Pack, You Will Find:

  • Instruction Sheet: How to complete each activity as well as some variations!
  • 2 Lacing Cards: Lacing is a great way to work on two handed skills also known as a bilateral hand activity! In addition to that, the child will also work on using a pincer grasp on the string, arm and finger strength to pull it through the hole, and coordination to line up the string to the hole.  A thicker string will be easier.  You can make it more difficult by progressing to a thinner string!
  • 2 Hole Punching Cards:  Hole punching requires coordination and strength!  For little hands, I like to use these mini punchers! They are perfect for working on a 3 point chuck and lateral pinch.
  • Manipulative Sheet:  On this printable are 17 circles.  Anything like buttons, pennies, or stickers, can be used! The smaller the buttons, the bigger the challenge! Spread the manipulatives around on the table and you can also address other skills like scanning and crossing midline!
  • Play dough mat: First, this mat helps work on finger and hand strength! Next, visual perception skills come into play as the child finishes the scene like the picture.  Lastly, kids pinch off small pieces of play dough, roll them into balls, and smash them on the 10 small circles working on more coordination and strength!
  • Matching Sheets: The next couple of printables work on matching. Children can use crayons or markers to connect the pictures. Place the paper on a cork board then rubber bands and thumbtacks can also be used OR laminate the sheets and use Wikki Stix!
  • Finally, we have a few ways to work on using tongs ( Gator Grabbers and Strawberry Huller work great!) to help work on scissor skills. Children can use clothespins, too! All themed fine motor activities can use the same clothespins! In other words, prep once and use over and over! Regular sized clothespins and mini clothespins work!


Snowman Cutting Activities

What Snowman Cutting Activities are included?

  • Instruction Page on how to complete each activity
  • A Simple Guide for the Developmental Progression of Cutting skills- This allows you to know exactly what cutting activity your child should start with and how to progress them! Since these printable worksheets target a variety of developmental levels, they are perfect for preschool classrooms, categorical special education classrooms, and certainly for school based occupational therapist where a group of kiddos at different skills levels can still work on similar cutting worksheets! Meaning, it’s not a one-size fits all pack!
  • Scissor skills from snipping paper, to cutting on lines, to cutting arc lines, to cutting shapes, to cut and paste, and finally to cutting complex shapes are provided.  WHEW! In other words, lots of cutting practice!!


Snowman Writing Activities

Snowman Writing Activities Include:

  • Instruction Page: Instructions on how to complete each handwriting activity.
  • A Simple Guide for the Developmental Progression of Handwriting: In other words, you’ll know exactly where your child is developmentally and what skills to work on!
  • Pre-Writing Strokes: Prewriting skills worksheets include vertical lines, horizontal lines, circle, cross, diagonal lines, square, X, and triangle.  Each writing activity has the opportunity for tracing and copying the shape!
  • Pencil Control:  Kids learn to stay on a path working on pencil control. In addition, this helps with their handwriting skills!
  • Multi-sensory approach for letter writing and number writing: To print off the FREE letter and number cards that go with this theme and ALL other themes, click HERE. Kids have the opportunity to use a variety of media. For instance, kids can use play dough or Wikki Stix! They can make letters, trace letters or numbers, and finally practice writing them on their own.
  • Sight Word Practice: Handwriting practice at the word level. Options include copying sight words in boxed boundaries or on 3 lined paper.  There are also blank pages to add whatever words you’d like your child to write! 
  • Sentence Writing: Children can copy a simple sentence in boxed boundaries or 3 lined paper with a picture that goes along with the sentence!  Blank pages are also provided to copy, compose, or dictate a sentence.  You’ll also have a page with highlighted 3 lined paper to assist with line orientation and letter size when working on writing skills.  So many options!!


If you are looking to purchase all 3, don’t forget to bundle! With the Snowman Activities Bundle, you get all 3 of the packs mentioned above PLUS save over 33%! Who doesn’t love to save money?!? Click HERE!

Snowman Bundle Activities

Enjoy saving on the bundle, but don’t forget about your FREE SNOWMAN GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITY! CLICK HERE!

Winter Gross Motor Activities

Stay warm and enjoy!


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