Spring Visual Discrimination Activities

Birds are chirping and the grass is turning green! Spring is right around the corner and it’s a perfect time to look at Spring Visual Discrimination Activities! Not only do these FREE PRINTABLES address visual discrimination, BUT they also target matching, crossing midline, fine motor skills, bilateral hand skills, visual memory, visual sequential memory, and MORE! Let’s take a closer look at these Spring Activities!

First, we will see why visual discrimination skills are important, then we will take a peek at the spring activities included in this 5 page downloadable pack.

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Spring Visual Discrimination Activities

First, Why are Visual Discrimination Skills important?

Visual discrimination skills are seeing similarities and differences. It’s paying attention to detail! This is important for number and letter recognition, plus reading. An example is determining if a letter is a “b” or “d”. Another skill addressed in this packet is Visual Sequential Memory, which is remembering what was seen in the correct sequence. This comes into play with reading, copying from the board, spelling, and math. Attention and focus are also being worked on when we have to pay attention to details and remember what we saw! Check out the video below to see the activities and some of the skills addressed in these Spring Printables!

Next, let’s look at the first page of these FREE Spring Visual Discrimination Activities!

Spring Matching Activity

Print 2 of this page cutting out 16 pictures of one and laminating the other one whole. By doing that, this spring worksheet helps children work on matching, crossing midline, memory, fine motor skills by clipping matches together with clothespins, and vestibular input by using a scooter, hopping, skipping, jumping, or crab walking when taking a picture across the room to it’s match! So many options with very little prep time needed!

Now, let’s looks at page 2 of the Spring Activities Pack!

Spring Printables

Let’s work on visual memory and sequential memory with this free printable! Print, cut, and laminate these 6 cards. Show your child one of these cards for 10 sec then flip it over. Can your child find the pictures (using the 16 pictures from page 1 already cut out) and place them in the right order? This activity also works on attention and focus! What strategies are they using to help them remember the picture sequence? If you want to work on listening skills, instead of showing the child one of these visuals, verbalize the pictures you want them to find! How can we grade this activity to make it easier or more challenging? The card with the least amount of pictures is the easiest! You can also make it easier by giving your child only the pictures seen on the card instead of having all 16 in front of them.

Page 3 and 4 of the Spring Visual Discrimination Activities are next!

Spring Writing Activities
Spring Fine Motor Activities

It’s time to add listening, following directions, working on prepositions as well as writing practice! By using page 1 as the game sheet, print off either page 3 or 4 depending on your child’s writing needs. Page 3 has boxes and page 4 has adapted 3 lines to assist with line orientation and letter size. Directions are on these pages. Read the directions to your child in the order listed. For instance, “Start on the nest. Move up two.” When the child finds the picture on page 1 by either pointing or using a penny or game piece, they find the word on the writing sheet and write it!

You can also add your own spin to this activity by only using page 1! “Circle the chick and put an X on the ladybug.” (using a wipe-off marker). Grade the activity by how many steps you ask them to follow at a time. You could also add fine motor and in-hand manipulation skills by using a penny, small sticky note, paper clip, etc. and give them directions like: “Put the clothespin on the caterpillar, the paperclip on the ladybug, and the penny on the bird”.  Let’s go one step further! What about describing the item you want them to put items on and then they have to use their vocabulary to tell you what it is! For instance: “Put the penny on something that is colorful and keeps me dry when it rains.” Another activity with a TON of options!!

Finally, let’s see what page 5 is all about!

Spring Activities

This Spring Visual Discrimination worksheet is similar to page 1, with the exception that these pictures have more detail and are more similar to each other. In other words, it requires increased concentration and focus to details! Follow all the activity suggestions listed above for page 1 and take visual discrimination skills up a notch!

For more information on visual discrimination skills and their importance in reading, follow this LINK to learn a bit more!

*This is a FREE 5 page digital download PDF. No Physical items are shipped.*

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*Your child’s safety is important and adult supervision is recommended with all activities. These activities should not take the place of medical or therapeutic advice/intervention.

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