Turkey Fine Motor and Cutting!

Gobble Gobble! Time to celebrate Thanksgiving with some Turkey Fine Motor and Cutting Activities!

First, we will look at 2 fine motor printables with tons of options! Next, we will apply those fine motor skills during a cutting activity to help your child work on scissor skills. Overall, you will have access to 4 pages of FREE printables with activities that require little to no prep. Let’s get started!


Turkey Fine Motor and Cutting Activities

First, What Fine Motor Activities are included?

Fine motor activities help develop the muscles of the hands as well as eye-hand coordination. In other words, working on fine motor skills can help with manipulating classroom tools (pencils, crayons, and scissors), completing fasteners (buttons and zippers), and using silverware. Let’s take a peek at the 2 fine motor printables!

The first activity includes a Turkey with 24 circles on its feathers. You can use buttons, pennies, stamps, poms with tongs, or stickers! The smaller the buttons, the bigger the challenge! Spread the manipulatives around on the table and you can address other skills like scanning and crossing midline! If you want to increase the difficulty, then make it a penny flipping challenge! Have your child place the pennies heads up in the circles and see how fast they can flip them over to tails.

Thanksgiving Fine Motor Activity

Additionally, the 24 circles coordinate with one sheet of the Avery 5472 labels. To see them, click HERE! (affiliate link) How’s that for an easy prep idea that packs a powerful fine motor punch!

Turkey Fine motor and cutting activities

The second Turkey themed fine motor activity includes clothespins as well as color matching! Print the Turkey off on cardstock, cut it out, and laminate it. After that, glue coordinating feathers on the clothespins. Now you have a fun Thanksgiving themed activity to work on fine motor skills! Let’s not forget the tactile input the feathers will give!

Clothespin fine motor activity
Turkey fine motor activity

Now let’s look at the Turkey Cutting Activity!

As mentioned above, the last activity of the Turkey Fine Motor and Cutting Activities Pack works on scissor skills! Your child will get to make their own Turkey face! Page 3 has eyes, beaks, and even a snood! For the purpose of meeting a variety of skill levels, both simpler and more difficult shapes are included. Another adaptation you can do includes cutting around the shapes to decrease the paper size. This makes it easier for your child to manage and rotate the paper as they cut. Page 4 is the Turkey they can glue their shapes on. So many fun options to choose from!

Turkey Cutting Activity
Cutting Activities

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