Writing Activities For Kids

Improving handwriting isn’t always a favorite for our kiddos!  That’s why fun writing activities for kids are important!  Another way to help kids with their handwriting skills is through kinesthetic learning activities.  

In this post, we will look at a fun and simple way to work on handwriting requiring very little prep.  Next, we’ll dig into what kinesthetic learning activities are and FINALLY, we’ll list a few more fun writing activities including multi sensory writing activities.

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Let’s get started!

Fun Writing Activities For Kids

First up is fun writing activities for kids:

This activity is super simple and here’s the supplies you will need:
1. Painter’s Tape OR Masking Tape. Here’s some colorful options!
2. Crayons or Dry Erase Markers.  I like to use these crayons.  In the pictures, I was working with a younger child, so I broke the crayons to fit her hands.  Meaning, the smaller broken crayons can help enhance a better grip!
3. A writing surface.  A desk or table works! If you want a vertical surface, you can use a white board.  What’s the benefit of writing on a vertical surface?  A vertical surface helps with should stability as well as puts the wrist in a more optimal position!  In other words, it’s a great position for writing!

How do we make this writing activity fun?

1.  You can tear or cut pieces of tape and make lines, shapes, or letters on the writing surface for the child to write on.  Another option is to draw the figure and the child has to make it with the pieces of tape! Want to make it even more challenging?  Have the child tear or cut the piece of tape!
2.  Provide a few crayons or dry erase markers for the child.  Have them rainbow write trying to stay on the tape.  Not only are they working on making the design, BUT they are working on motor control AND pencil control skills!
3.  After the child rainbow writes (traces the tape with each color provided), they can peel the tape off of the writing surface.  Kids have so much fun peeling the tape off while working on finger and hand strength!  Then they SMASH the tape into a small ball.  In other words, MORE hand strength is being worked on!  Kids can do this for several shapes or letters.  At the end, they will have quite the ball of tape! 
4.  Now that they have a ball of tape, they can work on throwing it into the trash making a basket!  SWOOSH!
*Making larger lines, shapes, or letters with the tape really works on larger motor movements and can also help with crossing midline skills! 
Making Writing Fun with tape
Fun Writing Games for kids

Next, let’s look at why these Fun Writing Activities For Kids are also Kinesthetic Learning Activities:

Kinesthetic Learning Activities are when an activity becomes an experience for the child.  Kids are able to interact, touch, and manipulate while learning.  In other words, a multi-sensory writing activity!  By making writing fun, we are using a variety of sensory experiences.  For example: kinesthetic (making the design), tactile (touching the sticky tape), vision (seeing the design), and auditory (saying how to form the shape or letter while tracing).  I also added a bonus auditory input by using the blue answer buzzer.  Kids love hitting the buzzers when they are done with their activity and hearing the funny noises they make!

Lastly, What are some MORE ways to make writing fun?

1. Use Wikki Stix to make shapes, letters, or numbers
2. Build shapes, letters, or numbers with pipe cleaners 
3. Turn off the lights and have your child use a flashlight to draw shapes, letters, or numbers on the wall or ceiling.
4. Use cooked spaghetti (after it’s cooled) to form shapes, letters, or numbers.  Think of the tactile input with this one!  
5. Play-dough and clay are also great options! 
6.  Writing shapes, letters, or numbers on small pieces of paper and hide them in a container of rice or beans. Have the child search a piece of paper.  Then they write what they found! Continue until all the pieces have been found.
7.  Sidewalk chalk
8. Dipping a paintbrush in water and “painting” letters on the sidewalk or driveway
9. Drawing shapes, letters, or numbers in sand OR use a stick and write in dirt
10. Have children SEE a letter, SAY the letter, ACT OUT the letter, and finally WRITE the letter.  For instance, the letter might be “B”.  So, they say what it is, do a bear crawl, and then write the letter. Pairing a physical movement with learning can be beneficial!


Here’s some other fun activities to make working on handwriting fun!

To sum up our Fun Writing Activities:

I hope this was helpful for you, you know how to use tape as a super simple and cheap writing activity, you learned some MORE fun ways to work on handwriting, AND learned a little bit about kinesthetic learning activities!  We really covered a lot!!

Don’t forget to check out our other fun and creative writing activities HERE!  Certainly, working on handwriting doesn’t have to be boring! 🙂 

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Most importantly, have fun and happy writing!

 ~ Shelly

Children should be supervised with all activities for safety.  These activities are ideas and should not take the place of therapeutic intervention. 


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